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MEPITeacher Education Programs


Running in Egypt since 1995, MEC enriched the program with additional courses by a team of specialists, helping students acquire a variety of tools for the service of children and families, as well as support their self-growth. MEC focuses on individual student support for best outcomes.


infants & Toddlers

A new addition from MEPI in Egypt, students learn how to nurture and assist the unfolding of the human personality and positive communication with emphasis on personal development, while acquiring tools to provide for this critical age group.

join the 5th generation

for this year's requirements, schedule & payment plans 

أنا مها عرفة خريجة من 2011 المنتسوري معرفتي بيهمن 2009 وكان ليها الفضل لتشجيعي مس إلهام مديرة مدرسة نارمر سابقا هي قالت لي انه لازم اخده وحيفدني بحياتي الشخصية والعملية وبالفعل رحت وقدمت وكانت معرفتي بالموسوعة العالمية اللي ليا الشرف اني اتعلمت منها مس مارجريت ومس ماري الاتنين اجمل من بعض وفعلا منتسوري علمني كتير وفادني كتير بحياتي ومع ولادي وكمان بالعمل خلاني بفكر بتفكير ابسط زي الاطفال وافكر بخيالهم وابدع معاهم وانمي قدراتهم زي مابعلمهم بتعلم منهم وبستمتع بطفولتهم وبراءتهم
وبحياتي الخاصة خلاني ابحث واتعلم انمي واطور مهارات كتيرة
منتسوري ده اسلوب حياة مش بس تعليم ده سيسستم جميل وبسيط وبيلمس القلب

Maha yasser arafeh


I worked for about 14 years with special needs and through all these years I was hearing about the Montessori method. I decided to take the diploma to understand more about the child secret world. While I was discovering the child's amazing world, I also discovered my inner peace and strength. It added so much for my personal and professional life.

Heba Al Ashry


منتسوري افادتني كثيرا في عملي المهني حيث اضافت لي الكثير من الخبرات وفي العمل مع الاطفال وكذلك في حياتي الشخصية حيث ان فلسفتها إنسانية جدا تتفهم طبيعة الطفل والانسان كانسان راقية جدا وتسيردمع طبيعة الطفل وتودي الي السلام الداخلي وتحترم تفرد الشخصية وطبيعتها وتنميها بهدوء

Sahar Abdallah


extracted courses

a chance to participate in an international course 

Parent Diploma

introductory course

enhanced with individual caregiver support sessions for enrolled parents

introduction to the foundation of the Montessori approach, and the study of her written work 

Q: I'm not a teacher and never worked with

    children, can I join the course?

Yes! This course is an in-depth study that covers different fields of child development. The Montessori “preschool” or Children’s House is an example of a well-prepared and nurturing environment for children. All the skills you learn in the course are suitable for a wide range of people working both directly and indirectly with children. Whether you are a parent, a parent-to-be, an educator, a preschool director, or if you are interested in changing your career path, or you have just graduated and want to start working with or for children, the course will provide a wide array of topics and applications. We have had engineers, parents, marketers, physicians, university students, teachers, and many more from different fields of work and different backgrounds graduating our course.


Q: I don't know if I'm ready to join the course,

    is there a way to have a try at it?

All our lectures and course sessions are open for one-day registration. You can contact us to choose a session or even a whole area to attend. If you decide this course is for you, the sessions you attended will be deducted from your fees.

 Q: What are the pre-requisites for enrolling

     in the course?

A secondary education certificate or its equivalent and fluency in either English or Arabic is all you need! All our content includes preparatory sessions and readings to get you acquainted with the field.

Q: Two years for the diploma course! I heard there are        other courses that are much shorter and much       

    cheaper, what is the difference?

A diploma is a structured study program that thoroughly covers all areas of the Montessori method in the form of several internal courses, and includes an internship period for practicing the skills you learn in the academic year, in addition to observation and environment preparation skills under the supervision of specialists.

While other courses may offer introductory content to the method, our MEPI-certified diploma course provides you with international standards for a certified Montessori director/ directress.

​Q: Are there ways to continue my learning and   

    professional development after I receive my 

    diploma certificate?

At the Montessori Egyptian Center, we always emphasize the importance of continuing the learning process. We encourage self-development and growth, and work continually on providing workshops, refresher sessions, mini-courses, and assemblies for our graduates, as well as announcing any educational opportunities with trusted entities.

Also, we are always open to visiting graduates seeking support!

Q: What career path should I expect to follow?

Fresh-graduate Montessori directors/ directresses typically need three to five years in a quality Montessori classroom to be fully competent. Some directors/ directresses find lifetime fulfillment in the classroom, and some start their own schools. 

Some graduates use their learning in different education, community support, and family support initiatives that are rapidly growing in Egypt.

Some, after 3-year experience in the classroom, engage in Montessori Teacher Education programs as study guides or instructors.

In the Montessori Egyptian Center, we provide apprenticeship for exemplary graduates.


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