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MEPI-Certified Programs


Since 2011, our certified Montessori Child Corner has been offering an authentic and rich learning experience to children aged 3-6.  Not only does it offer quality education to many children who would normally not afford it, but it also adopts a unique inclusive approach. The classroom hosts children across diverse cultural backgrounds, a wide range of learning needs and abilities and different socioeconomic classes.

The Montessori program does not only address children but also mothers. It works with mothers to secure a supportive environment for their children’s development and make a shift in each mother’s mindset to help her sustain good educational practices in her family and community.

Besides working with pre-schoolers on a daily basis, the Montessori Program runs parallel activities and workshops for parents and children of all ages all year round.

our model classroom


the International Montessori Preschool
In Maadi- Cairo. Founded by Marguerite Richardt since 1996

Shamrock Irish Nursery
In Maadi- Cairo. Founded by Philomena Williams since 1995


Children's House Montessori Nursery

In San Loran- Alexandria. First certified in Alexandria

SalahAdin International School- Montessori Section

In Abis- Alexandria. KG1 & KG2, fully dedicated space

Montessori Child Home

In Alexandria. Toddlers and Early Childhood 

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