Friends for Peace

Friends for Peace collaborates with Montessori and other early childhood programs to provide technical and professional support tailored to the context and needs of each program. 


MEPImember Schools

Our MEPI certified diploma students carry out their practicum in MEPI-certified programs. Trained and certified MEC supervisors provide assessments, professional consultancy, and other forms of support to ensure the best learning environment for children and adults, with international standards.

MEC helps Montessori classrooms applying for the MEPI school membership achieve the required criteria.

Apply for MEPI membership support

Parents for Peace

Parents for Peace provides a variety of services for caregivers and families of young children, in the belief that the family lies in the core of early childhood development.

Whether you are a school director, in community work, a parent, or a group of active caregivers, we can help.


Phone: +201022000603 , +201005127561


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