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The Montessori approach provides children with a nurturing environment, while engaging families and the community in the children's process
of growth and development. 

Montessori as a holistic, humanist approach provides the ideal setting for quality early childhood care and education that impact children not only for the participation period,
but also on the long term.

Baby Playing with Building Blocks

Are you
a psychology
Grad/ Student?

for our scholarship!

A wonderful opportunity to join

an internationally certified teacher education program in the Montessori pedagogy

2022 MEPI Diploma for Early Childhood!

This is a great addition to those interested in the field of developmental, community, family, and educational psychology.

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Our Timeline

delivering authentic Montessori education since 1981



Dr. Helen K. Billings

trained by Dr. Billings, she brought her knowledge to Egypt in 1981, providing the 1st Montessori Teacher Education training in the country

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can take part

Marie Therese Bishay

trained by Mrs. Richardt, certified in 2001, she assisted Richardt in all the annual MEPI diploma courses ever since, and received her teacher training certification in 2015, taking up the torch that was lit in'81.

trained by Dr. Giuliana Sorge, who worked closely with Dr. Montessori

Founded by 8 members under the guiding support of Dr. Billings in 1995.
Marguerite Richardt is one of the founding eight.

Montessori Educational Programs International

The Montessori Egyptian Center

Founded by Mrs. Bishay in 2015, it is the sole formal entity through which the MEPI-certified diplomas are offered in Egypt.

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