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The Montessori Egyptian Center was established in 2015 to continue with the work that began in 2001 when Marie Therese joined Marguerite Richardt’s journey. MEC weaves together the different services, courses, and workshops provided by its team and partners in an entity that aims at diversifying its tools for the propagation of child well-being and the Montessori approach in communities of different backgrounds and needs. 

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By joining our Montessori Diploma for Early Childhood, you will learn and master the field of child development the Montessori way. In the first year, you learn the theory, its different applications, and the fundamentals of the Montessori philosophy and child development, with our team of professionals always ready to be of assistance and guidance, and of course the REAL fun begins in the second year, where you get to intern in a Montessori classroom and live the real experience of Montessori in action, with the support and follow-up of our internship supervisors. Once you meet all the diploma requirements, you receive your certification from MEPI (Montessori Educational Programs International) to become internationally certified and start your own special journey. 


Montessori Egyptian Center was established in August 2015. However our history goes back to the last century, in 1981 when Marguerite Richardt arrived in Egypt, unheeding of the decades she would spend in Egypt inspiring countless parents and educators to help children develop to their best potential, not to mention the generations of children who shared their journey of learning and growth under the care of her warmth, dedication and unconditional respect for their quest of the creation of the human being.

One the founders of Montessori Educational Programs International, MEPI , and member of many Montessori organizations in the USA. Marguerite, with her wealth of experience, has delivered the teacher preparation program for Early Childhood Education (3-6 years), certified by MEPI. 

In 2001, Marie Therese Bishay the founder of MEC, joined the TEP diploma. Her internship under the supervision of Marguerite in the International Montessori pre-school in Maadi , was the beginning of a shared journey with the children in the classroom and support to the teacher training program, preparing an environment of love, respect and acceptance to all; children, parents, educators, interns or visitors. The journey lasted with relentless vigor for many years. With a wordless agreement, the two of them worked together to expand the Montessori society in Egypt . Together and individually, they accepted every invitation to speak and advocate for the Montessori philosophy, in Cairo, Alexandria, Assiut, Fayoum, 10th of Ramadan, Mansoura, and others, for all sectors of the Egyptian community from diverse backgrounds. They both set up Montessori classrooms in many parts of Egypt. Some of them continued and some did not. The ones that are continuing are still supported, not only by MEC, but also by MEPI.


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